Recognising the unique physical challenges and requirements women encounter throughout life, our expert physiotherapists provide specialised care tailored for every life stage.

During Pregnancy: As your body undergoes significant changes, physiotherapy can aid in managing pregnancy-related discomforts and maintaining optimal posture and helping you stay active throughout your pregnancy. 

Post-Birth Recovery: After welcoming your baby, our team supports postpartum recovery by guiding you in regaining core strength, providing strategies for pelvic floor rehabilitation, and addressing any discomforts that arise after birth. They will also help you to adapting to the ongoing physical challenges of motherhood, like safely lifting prams out of cars and correctly carrying children. Our physiotherapists offer invaluable advice and guidance on these everyday tasks, ensuring you can care for your child without compromising your own physical health. 

Breast Treatment: Breastfeeding can sometimes lead to complications such as blocked milk ducts and mastitis. At East, our physiotherapists use therapeutic ultrasound as an effective intervention for mastitis treatment, ensuring you can continue your breastfeeding journey with minimal discomfort. 

Pelvic floor Strength: A strong pelvic core underpins many aspects of women’s health. Pelvic organ prolapse occurs when the pelvic floor is damaged or becomes weak. Working with a physiotherapist can help strengthen your pelvic floor and treat your prolapse or bladder symptoms without surgery. Or when surgery is required our east physiotherapist will work with your gynaecologist to optimise your recovery. 

Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain: Physiotherapy is an integral part of managing chronic pelvic pain. One of the body’s natural responses to pain is to tense the muscles surrounding this source of pain, leading to pelvic muscle floor spasm. This is commonly a sharp shooting pain and pain that occurs when you do not have your period. Learning to relax your pelvic floor is an important part of treating your pain and can also assist with intimacy, bowel  and bladder function.