Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that form on or within the ovaries. Different types of cysts include:

  • Endometriomas: these are commonly referred to as ‘chocolate cysts’ caused by endometriosis implants within the ovary and are typically a marker of more extensive endometriosis. As well as being the cause of severe pain during your periods, these cysts can have a significant impact on your ovarian fertility
  • Dermoids: these cysts often contain hair, bone and other fatty tissue. These are often monitored when they are small but if they grow, we recommend removal with laparoscopic (‘key-hole’) surgery to prevent ovarian torsion (this is when the ovary twists and cuts off its blood supply).
  • Functional / haemorrhagic cyst: these are the most common type of cysts and most of these will resolve by themselves over a couple of months. These can often present with sudden severe pain and can be mistaken for appendicitis
  • Complex cysts: this family of cysts encompasses cysts with solid components, increased blood flow or nodules on the walls. These cysts normally require surgery to get a specific diagnosis as they may contact abnormal cells.

At East, our gynaecologist will explain what type of cyst you have and the options available to manage it. Depending on their type and severity, treatment options can range from watchful waiting to surgical removal (usually via keyhole surgery), ensuring the most suitable approach for each individual. If you would like to discuss the management of ovarian cysts with one of our doctors, please call us to book an appointment on 08 7008 0238.