Laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis is an innovative approach in which a laparoscope (a thin, lighted tube with a camera) is inserted through small incisions on your abdomen to visualise the affected areas. If endometrial tissue is identified, it can be excised or treated to alleviate symptoms and improve overall reproductive health.

The Benefits of Laparoscopic Treatment:

  • Minimally Invasive: Laparoscopic treatment involves smaller incisions compared to traditional surgery, resulting in less scarring, reduced pain, and a quicker recovery.
  • Precision and Accuracy: The laparoscope provides high-resolution images, allowing our surgeons to accurately identify and treat endometrial lesions with precision.
  • Faster Recovery: With smaller incisions and less trauma to surrounding tissues, patients typically experience a faster recovery and can resume normal activities sooner.
  • Reduced Complications: Laparoscopic treatment is associated with lower risks of infection and other complications, contributing to a safer surgical experience

After the procedure, you can expect to feel some mild discomfort, but this is generally well-managed with pain medications as prescribed by our healthcare team. Due to the minimally invasive nature of laparoscopic surgery, most individuals experience a faster recovery compared to traditional surgical methods. It's common to resume normal activities within a few days, although strenuous exercise and heavy lifting may need to be avoided for a brief period.